Thursday, June 18, 2009

3 of a Kind

This Saturday there will be three rather prestigious ladies roaming the corridors of Eureka Downs. All three have a passion for rural Kansas, all three have a passion for the Flint Hills, and Eureka Downs. The first is Marci Penner with the Kansas Sampler Foundation. She had devoted her life to educating people of the splendor of rural Kansas and all it has to offer. The second is Linda Craighead the Executive Director of the Flint Hills Tourism Coalition. She is dedicated to promoting the Flint Hills and the countless tourism opportunities that exist with in. Last but not least is the youngest of the three at 10 years old. Her name is Hannah Zimmers and she is the 2009 Flint Hills Rodeo Princess. The Flint Hills Rodeo may be in Strong City but her home is in Reece, Kansas. She is an outstanding little lady from Greenwood County that loves horses and rodeo. She will be helping present awards in the winners circle and sign autographs. These three think Eureka Downs is the place to be this Saturday. How about you? Admission is only $3 per adult and kids under 15 get in free with an adult paid admission. It is a great way to spend the day so race on in to Eureka downs.

For more information on the Kansas Sampler Foundation visit
For more information on the Flint Hills Tourism Coalition visit
And as always more information on Eureka Downs can be found by going to or calling the racing office at 620-583-5528

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